Vivacut APP Download | Simple and functional APP to work with video materials

Vivacut pro Video Editor has its basic features that gradually more users will experience and get used to them if it is the first time they use a video editing application. Users can add videos in turn into a unified video together. It is entirely not tricky and extremely convenient when the video is primarily stored in smartphones. So, you will love experiencing Vivacut mod apk. Simultaneously, adding any element from your phone is also wholly convenient when this is the device you use to save videos. From there, you can select videos from one source quickly without having to switch to another platform.

vivacut app download

Also, you can edit the speed of the video you’ve gathered to suit your needs and purposes. At the same time, cutting Vivacut apk is even simpler than ever. Another feature that anyone will have an initial impression of is that there are many separate timeline lines. For each timeline line, you will be able to add a random video or image so that they can appear video. Simultaneously, multiple timelines also become superior when the videos and pictures are not stacked and are uncomfortable when editing. Also, from there, bring specific creativity to each user.

Vivacut APK Download

  • The video editor is distributed free of charge.
  • Ample opportunities for processing and mounting rollers.
  • A function that allows you to delete individual objects, change backgrounds.
  • Large selection of filters, transitions and special effects, adding signatures.
  • Catalog of musical compositions, the ability to insert soundtrack.

Green Screen Effect

Well, if you have seen the behind the scenes of any Hollywood movie. You would be aware of this thing. The VivaCut app allows you to mix scenes of Hollywood movies to make a fully interactive video. Not exactly, but you will become a professional VFX artist with this app.

Multi-layer Timeline

The application offers you various options for frame by frame editing of the video. With this, you can make unnoticeable transitions in the video that will make it look amazing.

Adjustments and Effects

The production and editing of any video are incomplete without effects. The term effects here specifies brightness, color, contrast, saturation, hue, color temperature, and many others. These effects can also be altered with the help of the VivaCut app.

Music and Filters

This is another great feature offered by the VivaCut app. With this, you can add music to your videos along with some cool filters. The filters make the videos more alive and attractive.

Video Clip Editing

This feature of the VivaCut application is one that can also be found in other applications. With this feature, you can cut and join videos. Along with this, the app also supports the splicing of videos, plus, you can also control the speed of the video.

Video Sharing

The innovative feature of the app is video sharing. There are many apps that offer this feature. But in the VivaCut app, you can also export videos to various other high-quality formats like 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

All these features make the app better than many of the others in the market. Now, let’s see how you can install it on a PC.

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