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Alight Motion (AM) is a video editing application released by Alight Creative. Nowadays, video editing has become more and more popular, it is the choice of many people. The application allows users to use it completely free and convenient to use. Provides many effects, skins… for you to freely choose to edit. AM Pro is a professional graphics tool, helping users to create unique videos. It is simple to use, brings many benefits to graphic designers, photographers… With its easy-to-use interface and outstanding features, Alight Motion will surely deliver amazing videos. Create your own videos in no time.

alight motion download

Alight Motion APP Features

Alight Motion download is the best application in all best photo editing the best video editing and the best animation editing application. In this application, all video features and all pictures effects, and all animation effects are totally free. Be Part Of The Movement! Alight Motion, Is The First Pro-Level Motion Graphics App For Your Smartphone, Bringing You Professional-Quality Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Video Editing, And Video Compositing.

  • Multiple Layers Of Graphics, Video, And Audio
  • Vector And Bitmap Support (Edit Vector Graphics Right On Your Phone!)
  • Visual Effects And Color Correction
  • Keyframe Animation Available For All Settings
  • Animating Easing For More Fluid Motion: Pick From Presets Or Build Your Own Timing Curves
  • Velocity-Based Motion Blur
  • Export MP4 Video Or GIF Animation
  • Solid Color And Gradient Fill Effects
  • Border And Shadow Effects
  • Group Layers Together
  • Save Your Favorite Elements For Easy Re-Use In Future Projects

Trending Short Video Editor

After TikTok’s revolution, Short Videos got a new kind of attention, Instargam reels and YouTube Shorts are also on the same way. Creating a stylish slow-mo Video or Effects makes sense to get more attention on these social media platforms. Did you know most of the viral short videos were edited? which video editor was used to create those short videos?

The Answer is of course Alight Motion! Almost Every Top Creator uses Alight Motion Mod Apk to make Slow-motion Effect in their video. Not only Slow-mo but also the Trending Shake Video effect also can be done by this App. I’m sure now you are very excited to use This Monster Video editor, scroll down and get it now.


Alight Motion is a magical platform that can help you by providing all its exceptional tools based on motion graphics and animation. There are immense tools available in the Alight Motion from basic category to professional. But the Alight Motion has locked most of its professional tools and themes which you can only unlock by its pro subscription. So the Alight Motion MOD APK will help you in accessing all its premium features free of cost.

It’s just a simple modified app with some scripts which will provide you with a completely ad-free experience as well as the pro-membership unlocked app. So download the Alight Motion MOD app right now and start your motion graphics editing journey with its easy-to-use tools and a simplistic user interface. Still, if you’ve any queries related to this app, then just comment below. Enjoy it.

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