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Tickle My Phone is another Android application that allows users to control your smart Android handset remotely using text messages. While using this application here you can carry out several types of actions through sending text messages using another smartphone. Here Tickle my Phone allows remote controlling your android smartphone through a simple text message.

tickle my phone

Tickle my Phone app is the best way to find your smartphone if you are a victim of losing your smartphone. Such as those cases the app becomes handy. 

About Tickle My Phone – True Remote App

Tickle my Phone can define as a revolutionary next-generation application. It is available for Android phones. Here it remotely controls your Android phone via text messages (SMS). So now it allows us to take a picture, record videos using your smartphone, send SMS, make calls, listen to conversations, Get SD Card file via listing from a remote location, fetch exact Geolocation, and many more facilities.  

 Although the way the Tickle My Phone works are something a little bit complex. Here you have to install the app, tap the ‘Hide Tickle My Phone commands’ box and ‘Manage SMS/Text message rules’. After completing the application you can easily take photos, turns on the smartphone vibrate call numbers, connect or disconnect Bluetooth, and there are many more facilities.

 Features of Tickle my Phone

  • Sends Text Messages, Sends Email, and uses the Internet
  • Makes Phone (will cost from the user)
  • Use as a security camera 
  • Take 20 seconds to live videos 
  • Sends attachments
  • A reminder (can use to wake up or for events) with vibrate command.
  • Detect your current location
  • Can easily send acknowledgment / thank you messages
  • Can use to identifying the theft 
  • Take live photos or images and send to email such as an attachment.
  • Allows managing sender lists  

Tickle my Phone – Required Mobile Pre-requisites

Let’s see what Tickle my Phone needs to run on your Android smartphone. 

  • Android version 2.1 and above
  • Can easily make a call send SMS through the internet 
  • Location service for GPS
  • Take pictures and videos using the device camera
  • Support for SD card
  • Ability to use Calendar 
  • Recognize Callers Id as well as sender’s phone number

Download and install Tickle my Phone

To your Android smartphone, Tickle my Phone is a wonderful option. Here you can directly download the application and let’s see those steps you should follow here. 

  1. Download Tickle my Phone apk directly from the internet. 
  2. Then go to device settings, open security settings and enable unknown sources. This is essential and if you did not follow this, your device does not allow you to install Tickle my Phone anymore. 
  3. Now go to device downloads. Open downloaded Tickle my Phone apk. And tap on install. 
  4. Then you have to agree with terms and conditions. Here tap on Agree.
  5. Now it takes a few seconds to complete the process and after a few seconds, you can enjoy the downloaded Tickle my Phone on your smartphone. 

 Tickle My Phone is an interesting app. So now you can easily try this on your smartphone, freely without any difficulty. 

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