ES File Explorer

The File Explorer is a type of most useful application that can be used for exploring files quickly. Not only the exploration there are many more uses that can be happened from the ES File Explorer for Fire TV.

Mainly there are three qualities alongĀ  the ES File Explorer. Those three are simple, easy, and fast. Manage all file records with the6 help of this File Explorer. Actually this is not a file explorer for certain types of files. Those files include video, music, photos, and apps. Those all can be organized by using this ES File Explorer Android TV. Every user can use this ES file explorer for the local and even for a networked usage. All issues have been fixed with the latest version of the file explorer.

Features of the file explorer

  • Management process
    The ES File Explorer would be a better managing app for all files that are located in your device. That is especially for android devices. Browse all contents effectively and efficiently. Also the app allows for the sharing without spending any data.
  • File sender
    Not only as a file manager, but this is also acting as a file sender too. Send any file that you wanted to send. Not only the files, this service valid for the images, audio files as well as apps. That can be done under the WiFi networks and hotspot networks.
  • Player for many types of files
    By here you can play the video and the audio contents. So that any type of file item can be played through this ES file explorer.
  • Remote accessing
    The users are capable of accessing every file or any content remotely. That means you can access the storage. Accordance with those features you could access all files that can be kept in the smartphone from a computer. Access within your house out of the same network.
  • file browsing via Bluetooth
    You could access the contents by using the Bluetooth technology. Use the Bluetooth devices along with the pasting and copying functions. Also you could able to using your pc to send files by the effective use of FTP.
  • Exploration
    Explore any item that you want within a short period of time. You just need to give the command for the exploration process.
  • Best file manager app
    As stated in the given description the ES File Explorer is the best app manager. It provides the uninstall process, organizing under categories, and making shortcuts of the apps.
  • Editor for notes
    The ES File Explorer is supported for 30 languages. Some of them are Java, Python, and Ruby.
  • Analyst feature of the ES file manager
    Definitely the ES File Explorer is the best analyst. The file explorer is supported by the analysis of the recent and large files. If there are files that consume more power and space, the users will be notified about that. Also if the ES File Explorer will find out duplicate files, you will be even notified about that.
  • Fasting up the memory of your device
    The ES File Explorer will kill all tasks just by one tap. Increase the memory and get more space by the reduction of more files and apps. By saving more space the device will speed up automatically.
  • Task managing
    The users can ignore the apps that you don’t need to keep running on the device. Also stop the task killer just with one tap. By that you can keep the files that you needed to keep.
  • Cache cleaner
    The user is able to delete the files that you don’t want to use or have. Delete all junk files that you don’t want to have. Free up your valuable space by deleting unwanted files.
  • Observer
    The ES File Explorer helps to load all the files and the other all things. And load all the files that were recently added.
  • Requirements for the usage
    In order to work with the app, you are required with the device along with the android version 4.2 and upwards.
  • Free to use
    This ES file explorer is free to use. There is no need for paying for the app.

This file explorer receive updates to add new features and to fix existing bugs. Therefor make sure to update your file explorer. Below listed some of the major changes added with recent updates.

  • Fixed the issues related to the icons
  • The issue of the red alarmed background have fixed
  • The issue related to the application page has fixed

Associated with the all described details, every user can conclude that this is an effective application. Therefore use it once and check whether it is beneficial or not. You can easily download and install this awesome File explorer from Filelinked.

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