AvaCast APK – Award Winning Podcast App For Learn English

AvaCast APK is an award-winning app that helps language learners to improve their English listening, speaking and reading skills.

With AvaCast APK , learners can discover over 100 free podcasts in a range of topics and genres such as Business, Education, Travel & Living Abroad and more.

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Pronunciation lessons are the latest AvaCast APK addition.

Special Features Of Avacast APK 

Pronunciation lessons from around the world cover a wide range of topics, including regional and foreign languages, grammar and personal development topics.

Learners can listen to audio clips from native speakers in their target language as well as practice pronunciation through interactive exercises with native speaker feedback for a range of accents.

AvaCast APK is a revolutionary new app that helps you learn English.

This app covers a wide variety of topics, such as fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening comprehension.

With this app you can learn English with free downloads of the best podcasts in the world that are available on iTunes and Google Play.

Let’s say you wanted to learn about the difference between a noun and an adjective.

With this, the difference is explained in the following podcast:A noun is what we typically think of as a person, place or thing. An adjective tells us more about how something feels, sees or tastes.

For example “He’s angry” describes his mood rather than his skin color.

AvaCast APK  is an app that allows you to learn English and improve your listening skills by playing free English podcasts.

There are hundreds of hours of content for a range of different levels.

The app works by playing a podcast and then asking you a question to make sure that you were paying attention.

If you answered incorrectly, the app will play another podcast for a period of time before bringing up a different question and playing another podcast.

AvaCast APK is a new web app that can help you learn English in a fun, interactive way through the power of podcasting.

It features over 300 hours of audio content and includes different topics for students like grammar, vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation and more.

This is currently in beta and offers a free trial.


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